Chakra business blocks

Do you find that you come across the same blocks again and again in your business? That you aren’t reaching or selling to the people that you know you can serve? Or that you just aren’t taking action in the way that you know you are capable of?

I get it, I’ve been there! I thought that business was only about having the best marketing strategy or website in place. But I was wrong! What I learned is that it’s the inner work that makes ALL the difference.

  • It’s the knowing who you are and what you offer, with confidence.
  • It’s owning your worth and the value of who you are and what you offer.
  • It’s feeling safe to be seen and share.
All of these areas where you might have something internal or subconscious going on and stopping you energetically, so that you aren’t able to attract what you truly desire or know you are here to do.
From my years of working in and with businesses, which included an intense few years doing the inner work, I have identified seven different areas that might show up as a block in your business, each relating to one of the main chakras.

I have put them together in a free seven day mini-series, where you will be guided to dive deeper into what might be blocking you, one chakra at a time.

Simply add your details below to receive seven emails over seven days, each linking to a different chakra from the base up to the crown. With each chakra you will be guided through some prompts to help you connect with one area that might be stuck or a little blocked shall we say, in that chakra. There will also be tools and practices to help you begin to release them so that you can align more fully with your mission as an Empathpreneur.
I also invite you to come on over to the Facebook group – Empathpreneurs: Creating a business that nourishes you, to share throughout this series and for more tips and support for each chakra.

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